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A one-stop shop for Industrial Accessories & Services..........Chain Pulley Block, Electric Hoist, Cranes, Steel Wire Rope, Slings, Stainless Steel Wires & Cables, Chains, Geared Trolley, Pull Push Trolley,  Electric chain Hoist, Electric Wire Rope Hoists, Jib Cranes, Goods Lift, E.O.T. Cranes, Pallets Trucks, G.I. Wire Rope, P.V.C. Rope, M.S. Bow Shackle, Alloy Steel D- Shackle, etc...........

About Us

If a big factory has to work smoothly, care should be paid even to the minutes of its accessories. The wires, ropes and cables are as important as the huge machines and cranes. A company which does non-stop manufacturing of equipment, throughout the month, also need a steady flow of industrial accessories like Clamps, Rings, Slings, Cranes, Lifts, etc.

Amratlal Chhaganlal and Co. is a pioneering Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier and Trader for a gamut of industrial accessories like Open Socket, Closed Socket, Ratchet Lever Hoist, Single Legged Chain Sling, Two Legged Chain Sling, Three Legged Chain Sling, Four Legged Chain Sling, Plate Lifting Clamps, Vertical Lifting Clamps, Horizontal Lifting Clamps,Electric Hoist,Electric Chain Hoist etc.

The dedication of the mentors of our company has led to the diversification of our business from manufacturing and supplying to trade, exporting and related services. Our range of products has a wide list of major customers who rely solely on us for Industrial Accessories. Our Qualitative products and Services have earned us many clients from the African countries. We mainly specialize in the engineering and manufacturing of Pollution Control equipment.

Products Offered

We offer a wide range of products and offer services of the same. We aim to expand our market worlwide, and cater to the needs of a wide range of customers. Hence, we are continually working on increasing and improve our list of products. Our supreme quality products are:-

  • Chain Pulley Block
  • Hoist: Electric Hoist, Electric Wire Rope Hoist, Rachet Lever Hoist, etc.
  • Cranes: Jib Cranes, E.O.T. Cranes, etc.
  • Ropes: Steel Wire Rope, P.V.C. Rope, G.I. Wire Rope, etc
  • Slings: Single Legged Chain Sling, Two Legged Chain Sling, Three Legged Chain Sling, Four Legged Chain Sling, Wire Rope Slings, Chain Sling, etc.
  • Stainless Steel Wires & Cables
  • Chains: Electric chain Hoist, M.S. Chain, Alloy Steel Chain, etc.
  • Lifts: Goods Lift, etc.
  • Trucks: Pallets Trucks, etc.
  • Trolley: Geared Trolley, Pull Push Trolley, etc.
  • Ring: Round Ring, Oval Ring, etc.
  • Shackles: M.S.D. - Shackle, M.S. Bow Shackle, Alloy Steel D-Shackle, Alloy Steel Bow- Shackle, etc.
  • Clamps: Plate Lifting, Vertical Lifting Clamps, Horizontal Lifting Clamps, U-Clamp, S.S.U.-Clamp, etc.
  • Hooks: M.S. Hooks, Alloy Steel Hooks, Eye Hook, Shank Hook, Self Locking Hook, Snap Hook, etc.
  • Rope: Wire Rope Pulley, Manila Rope, Poly Poplene Rope, Nylon Rope, P.P. Rope, etc.
  • Sockets: Open Sockets, Closed Socket, etc.
  • Other Products: Bulldog Grip, Thinble, Manila Rope Cuppy, Cable Trolley, S.S. Bull Dog Grip, T-turn Buckle, Master Link Assembly, Bottle Screw, etc.

Quality Control

Quality is what makes us a trusted supplier of Industrial accessories and services worldwide. Our Quality Control team ensures that the raw materials are of the finest quality and that the finished products are also manufatured according to international standards. The products are test run at our quality control unit before being supplied to the market.

Infrastructural Setup

Our infrastructural facilities are simply the best in the Industry, which ensures the production of best quality products on a regular basis. Our Research and Development team constantly tries to develop the best quality products in the market. The enthusiasm of our talented personnel helps in designing and improving the existing products. Our products are thoroughly cross-checked to examine their quality and to ensure that they are packed carefully before being delivered to the market.

Major Clients

Our clients include several industrial giants who need no introduction. Our long term relations with them has been possible because we understand their needs and consistently deliver products that go beyond their expectations. Some of our clients are:

  • Grasim
  • Godrej
  • RCF
  • GSFC
  • Polycab, among others.

Why Us?

  • Wide range of Products
  • International Customers
  • Superior Quality Products
  • Competitive Rates
  • Talented Manpower
  • Business Proficiency.

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