Chain Pulley Block
This array of chain pulley blocks is well known for its impact proof design, ability to handle maximum 10 ton of load. All the main components of these pulley blocks have been casted or forged to enhance their strength and also to extend their longevity.
Geared & Push Trolley
From pull push, traveling to cable geared & push trolleys are in the offering. The design and operations of all models in this category are different, besides the wheel structure and manual handling feature.
Electric Chain Hoist & Electric Trolley
Electric chain hoists & electric trolleys are easy-to-operate lifting equipment that can be used for traveling medium to heavy load from one place to another.

Electric Wire Hoist
We have in our range electric wire hoists applicable in unique lifting environments. This lifting equipment can be easily installed and let operator lift the way he wants to. It can be availed in two sizes.
Jib Crane
The steel constructed JIB crane is provided in two portable models. These are shipped disassembled and to be assembled at the site. Once installed, these must be tested and inspected before the operators start operating them.
Pallet Trucks
Make your goods handling work simpler by using pallet trucks. A number of trucks can be used in a large facility to load/ unload goods and even stack them. Industries that can use this equipment are food, chemical, pharmaceutical, dairy and more.

We bring forth different types of shackle with the information about their rating capacities. It must be used while placing more than two ropes on a hook.
Industrial Jacks
Buy mechanical and hydraulic industrial jacks for using them for lifting heavy load for small to extended period of time. Both jacks come in compact design and are easy to operate & maintain.

From electric power winch, crab winch to manual winch, we have this device in all types and configurations. Manually operated variant is ideal for lighter weight applications, while the device powered by an electric motor can pull heavy load.
We have in our range of socket, both open type and closed type spetter sockets, in addition to wedge and other sockets. Every individual socket is available in different sizes and configurations.
Ratchet Buckles

The metal racket buckles for strapping applications are safe to use. These are used when heavy load is being transported or stored, by getting it tightly into place, without pulling the strap manually.

Ratchet Lashing
The packaging and logistic companies mainly use ratchet lashing for securing the cargo without worrying about any damage. Webbing can absorb shocks and also maintains its strength as it ages. It must be checked time to time for damages.
Pressed Steel Hooks

Steel plate is pressed to form these pressed steel hooks. Customers can buy them with or without coating or surface treatment. Some come with a keeper to be used in conjunction with other hooks.

Anchor Plates
Anchor points, harness mounting points and cargo restrain mounting points can be created by installing anchor plates to flat surfaces. These points are used for tie-down straps. No hardware is required at the end of the strapping.

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